Raising money with Gogoboon is easy – All you need is a worthy cause!
Something like starting up your own business or startup, or supporting a charity you care about.


Once you have a cause in mind simply go ahead and contact us via the form on our homepage and we’ll send you an application form.

We process every application to ensure projects meet our ethical guidelines so our sponsor community can be sure they’re funding legitimate and worthwhile causes. Projects are also scored on how seriously and appealingly they’re presented, so do your best to dazzle us with your awesomeness…


Once we’re live, it’s time to hussle!

Once your application is approved, and our main site goes live (scheduled for July 2018), we will work with you to get your campaign launched and promoted to sponsors.

Gogoboon’s funding model is simple and straightforward – We create gift items with your branding, and make them available for your sponsors to purchase. Items sold from your campaign page guarantee you two thirds of the revenue generated, if you’re a commercial enterprise, or three quarters if you’re charity, with the remainder going towards covering manufacturing and processing costs.

Now is your time to promote your Gogoboon campaign to your family, friends, colleagues, social media contacts, and pretty much everyone you know – The more items your backers buy, the more money you’ll raise.


That’s about it… You’re ready to Go Go BOON!!!